"Death Preparations"

by Jasp Galanier

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The eschatalogical musical/ obscure poetic series "Death Preparations" of writer Jasp Galanier


released January 1, 2012

Music and Poetry: Jasp Galanier



all rights reserved
Track Name: "Coming out of caos"
Coming out of caos, of my entire carnation...like one emotional vampire with cold blue hands, just in time for funeral arrangements and death preparations.
Time to steal time out of time, as the animates circle in rituals...shy deers still await in the forest of stillness. It is they, the wilderness who know best of the narratives, the yowls of dead souls. To this day...the whales are still singing, chanting waves, lullabying the seas, caressing the shores with notes of freedom.
All of the sudden.... a pair of wide sparkling eyes shine like diamonds , glazing over the citrus horizon...there is friends in high places, watching over us, keeping an eye on humanity. We are the first ones to respond, and the last ones to leave. Like coming out of caos...like...escaping from our caves, like living in agony, preparing the voyage into the underworlds, defeated by death.

©Jasp Galanier
Track Name: The polution of solution
It is nature that creates
Suffering of it's own accord
Nature is fucking brutal
It is not some "Hippy Vegan Flower"
It is not some child fantasy
Not something you seem to think it is,
in your little idealistic harry potter wet dream
Life feeds on death.
Nature is cruel
full of brutality with or without humanity's help.
Imagination creating everything out of nothing
and nothing creating more imagination.
It is a ball like universe
Full of strange creatures inside
The ball keeps rolling
through the vastness of space and time

As you pertain an animal presence
you rape someones life plain naked
Thy God put you here on earth
and did a great job of
keeping you here
To escape this prison of fake love
Is to return to you absence
To return to your essence
An eye for an eye
we by now live blinded by the light darkness
Deep in the "No" in "Know" exists a spirit bewildered by the essence of matter. What appears a pathetic vexing problem of whom is to be known as a drastic tantrum. This mine of mind, this emotional outburst of ill. Destruction upon a voyage, this immense vivid cycle of dream realities. I ma' say you are a man with a girl inside. I ma' say you are a girl with an apple on your neck. I ma say you are a dream and reality is yours to take. I'm ma say...I' ma say...
Track Name: Into the void
I can make you disappear
I can make you disappear
I can fill your mind with fear
I can make you cry in tears

I can hear you begging me
I can hear you begging please
I can hear you loud and clear
I can hear your God in me

I can make you disappear
Into the void

Track Name: The land of the whore
He showed upstairs in a peacock dress
With the craving of a Lion and a heart of Lamb
Left the pick up truck with the head lights on
Liquored up in a tavern
Has a breath of a Dog
He said
And he said

Let me pass my genes to the next generation
Re-release my germs
Penetrate my domination
For the sake of insanity
Let me please myself
Let me cure this humanity
This living hell.
He said
Hee said

Got to fuel my horse in the next gas station
Travel deep unknown through the land of Don
Let my spirit free kill the land of the whore
Peddle route 66 to the Western Slopes
He said
And he said

Reach highway 1 the Pacific Coast
Lit myself on fire
Fuse my burnin' soul
As I slay my own desires and degrade my bones
Throw my ashes in the ocean
Let the sea become the joy
That will set you free
From my own disease
From you and me

©Jasp Galanier
Track Name: Dark White: before the precipice of the eschaton

Here we go again
Let's get it done!
Let's go!

They call him Dark
For the same reason they call him White
His, is the name given in the underworld
by a reign of pessimists

He shines light through the cracks of deception
He hides in the shadows of harmony and freedom

Waiting.. to strike!

To take vengeance
To bring us mortality
From far and beyond

Come on whitey
You dark angel
Your mouth still bleeding
And you have an appetite for human flesh
Season by the radiation of detrimental fools

I'm sick of them!

And so Mr. Dark White
Before the precipice of your eschaton
I will make you mine
The "Chosen One"
The one they call "Oneness"
You will call me Darkness
And I will take the light out of you

You belong to me!
You come to me!
Right now!!